You may have heard of Gulp - it’s a task runner and build tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks for your app. Compiling SASS/LESS etc, minifying and concatenating files to reduce the number and size of requests on a page. 

This workshop will be more front-end focused than PHP focused (but there are some PHP things you can do with Gulp!). How we can get gulp working with SASS / JS, eventually moving onto using Bower to pull in some components we may need for a project and covering some modular SASS / CSS & frontend concepts

Plan for the day:

• 9:30 Arrive / doors open

• 10:00 Intro talk on Gulp

• 10:30 Make sure everyone setup & working correctly

• 11:00 Start coding

• 12:30 Lunch (provided for you at the event)

• 13:30 Back to code 

• 15:30 Wrap up / questions

• 16:00 Finish (pub, drinks? Bite to eat?) 

There will be starter code posted on Github (with a working Vagrant box) for this event posted sometime before the event.