The October 1st meet up is going to be Lightning Talks & Retrospective

A change of plans!

In the true spirit of (and in preparation for) our Unconference later this year, we'll be running 5 minute, no slides, off-the-cuff lightning talks during this meetup.

The Unconference at PHPNW15 is being run by Antonis and Clinton again this year, lightning talks beforehand are a great way to get some practice in. 

If anyone has a short (5-10 minute) talk they'd like to give, or if anyone wants to practice a short talk they've been working on, this is the perfect time.

We will also be using this meetup as a retrospective. A chance to discuss and chat through any suggestions or changes to help the group grow.

The event may be shorter than usual, and there'll be no formal speaker there. We'll still be at the Font beforehand for a drink & a bite to eat, and heading to Soar Point afterwards for a social catch up!