It's that time of the year again when a monthly meetup is just not enough geekery, the time of year where we need to have a day of talks on a wide range of topics given by the best speakers... you!

So join us for a day filled with great talks, food, great company and good conversations.


What is an Un-conference ?

Think of an unconference like any other conference except the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the day.

Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space from the grid. Unconferences can have talks, panels or discussions the format is up to the person claiming the spot. If you want to raise a talk topic before hand feel free drop into slack and suggest something. 


  • 9AM Doors open for Registration
  • 10AM Conference starts with an Introduction to PHP East Midlands and an opening talk
  • 1PM Lunch and Games
  • 2PM Conference Resumes
  • 3:30PM Closing talk and thanks
  • 4PM Event close and head off to optional social event in town

What is it?

As an unconference, everyone can perform a talk on the day. There are going to be short 15 and 30-minute long lightning talks available, we also have some roundtable discussions planned. 

How much does it cost?

Tickets are £15 (including fees and VAT)

Where can I buy tickets?

Using the widget below, or the link above and to the right.

But I don't know enough to give a talk....

Classic impostor syndrome - the chances are that you know more than you think, tips, techniques and simply sharing your experiences is of massive benefit to the community. If you can fill 15 minutes of your experiences with a module, app, tool, database or anything then please share it with us. For more information on impostor syndrome click here

Who is it for?

Events like this are perfect for the hobbyist and pro-developer, it is an excellent opportunity to network with other people in your industry. The talks are always informative and the chances are unless you a seasoned conference veteran - you will come away with much more than you came with. New subjects, different ways of doing things, new technologies, migrations, upgrades, there is so so much on offer it would be mad to miss.

These events are also perfect for students and people in neighboroughing industries. It's not just about code, and it should be of serious interest to Wordpress developers, Magento developers, etc.

How can I get there?

De Montfort University is easily found and only 15mins from the train station.

DMU - Hugh Aston Building 
Richmond St
Leicester LE2 7ED

Google Maps Link

Car parking available at main car park in Deacon Street.


I am a company or individual that cares about the community and would like to support this event and group, can I do that?

That would be fantastic - see our supporter packs for more info, drop us an email or reach out to us in Slack. We can only run these events with the sponsorship and community support we get. We consider people that help us to be supporters, not sponsors, as they support the community and the work we do to help all our members.

Code of conduct.

As with all our events, attendees to the the un-conference will be required to follow our code of conduct.